Step 2. Verify RX Channels

What You Need :





Micro USB Cable

LiPo Battery

Remove props and attach the antenna before verifying channel mapping.


To check that the bind was successful, connect RubiQ to INAV with the USB cable and attach her battery. Connect, and open the Receiver tab.

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To check the channel map settings, throttle up and down, pitch forward and back, roll and yaw left and right and watch to see that the corresponding bars move on the screen.

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If the AUX 5 bar is active, this indicates the signal strength between RubiQ and the radio controller. It’s common for this bar to pulse back and forth.


If the channels aren’t mapped correctly (for example, the Roll bar moves in INAV when you raise the throttle on the radio), switch the Channel Map to TAER1234 (Throttle, Aileron, Elevator, Rudder), press save and test the sticks again. If your bars aren’t moving in INAV, then the bind was not successful. Return to Step 1 of the Configuration Guide and rework through the binding process.

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