Calibrate the Compass

What You Need :

Attach the antenna before plugging the battery into RubiQ.

The final step of the magnetometer set-up is calibrating RubiQ’s compass, a feat that’s much easier when the drone isn’t tethered by the USB cord. Before making your way to the flight field, review the compass calibration process to ensure you’re ready for the real thing.

  • Head outside and find an open area, free of overhead trees, power lines and overhangs.
  • Plug in RubiQ’s LiPo battery.
  • Ensure your Taranis is not Armed.
  • Fire-up the Taranis and use these stick commands to initiate the compass calibration process. The motors will not spin as long as the Taranis is not Armed.

  • RubiQ will begin beeping. You now have 30 seconds of beeping to complete calibration.
  • While Rubi beeps, you’ll need to spin her along each of her 3 axes. Spin her on all three axes until the beeping stops. 

Once you’ve calibrated the compass, it doesn’t need to be recalibrated unless you take RubiQ to a different city or reset her firmware.