Programming The Taranis Q X7

Programming The Taranis Q X7

The following steps showcase how to update the Taranis Q X7 with the RubiQ, ELF, Riot and Freerider models. The necessary files are stored on a micro-SD card within the Taranis, which is found on the bottom of the controller, behind the rubber seal. The micro-SD card can be accessed by using either a “Mini USB” cable (USB A Male to USB Mini-B 5-pin Male), or by removing the card and using a micro-SD card reader.

Download and Prepare Necessary Files

  1. Download the Taranis Firmware Files from the Download Page here: QX7_RubiQ_Freerider_Riot250R_ELF_2.2.2
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded file:

For Windows devices:
Find the downloaded ZIP file that begins with QX7… Right-click the folder icon and select “extract all.” This will bring up a sub-menu asking you to select a destination for the extracted files. Press the “extract” option at the bottom.
A new file window will appear containing a series of folders. Keep this file window open.

For Mac OS X devices:
Find the downloaded ZIP file that begins with QX7. Double-click the folder to begin unzipping the files. A new folder will appear. Keep the file window open.

File Transfer

There are two ways of transferring the new firmware files to the Taranis radio controller: