Step 1. Bind the RX

What You Need :





Micro USB Cable

LiPo Battery

Remove props and attach the antenna before binding the receiver to the radio.


Note: be sure to bind one drone at a time to avoid cross-pairing to the incorrect radio controller.

RubiQ comes with a PPM receiver, which means she’s compatible with FrSky Taranis radios. To establish the connection between the drone and the radio, follow the Taranis binding procedure:

  • Start with RubiQ disconnected from the battery and from the computer.
  • Turn on your Taranis with the On/Off switch located in the middle of the controller.
  • Press the MENU button on the left side of the Taranis video screen to open the MODEL SELECTION screen.
  • Use the + and buttons on the right side of the screen to highlight RubiQ as a model.
  • Press and hold ENT. A submenu will appear. Highlight the option SELECT MODEL and press ENT to select RubiQ.
  • Hit the PAGE button to open the MODEL SETUP screen. With the + button, navigate to the RECEIVER field located beneath Internal RF.
  • Select the BIND option. To enter bind mode, press the ENT button.
  • When the BIND field flashes and the Taranis chirps, the radio is in bind mode.
  • While the Taranis is chirping, press and hold the small button on RubiQ’s RX, which can be found on the underside of the PCB.
  • Then, while still holding the button down, connect the LiPo battery. (This maneuver may be easier with a friend and a tool.) The chirping should continue.
    • Make sure the cable connecting RubiQ to the computer is unplugged, so the RX isn’t receiving power from the computer before the battery is plugged in.
  • Wait to release the button until the lights come on and the beeps from the drone stop.
  • Unplug the battery from RubiQ.
  • Press ENT to complete the binding.

Before finishing, ensure the RX dipswitch matches the one below.

  • ON points DOWN
  • KE points UP


If RubiQ isn’t available as a preset bind option, the radio needs to be configured. Visit to flash a RubiQ Radio Configuration file directly to the Taranis or consult your radio’s user guide for manual model setup instructions.

To see if your bind was successful, power up your Taranis and connect the battery to RubiQ. If the two are bound, the small LED on top of the receiver will be a solid color. If the LED is blinking, the bind was not successful.