Step 7. Calibrate ESC’s

What You Need :




Micro USB Cable

LiPo Battery

Remove props and attach the antenna before calibrating the ESC’s.

Connect RubiQ to INAV without a battery and open the Motors tab.

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Calibrating the ESC’s sets the maximum and minimum throttle values:

  • Read the Motor Test Mode Notice and toggle to verify that the propellers are removed before Enabling Motor Control.
  • Slide the Master Control all the way to the top.
  • Plug in the battery. Don’t be afraid! Rather than actually activating the motors, this sets the maximum throttle value for the ESC’s. A happy tone will play to signal that the calibration was successful.
  • Move the Master Control all the way down to the bottom. This sets the minimum throttle value and triggers a second happy tone.
  • If you’ve set the maximum and minimum throttle values correctly, RubiQ will finish singing and you can unplug the LiPo battery and disconnect the USB cable.